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Money Belt for Passport, Credit Cards & More (with RFID Sleeves)

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Theft via RFID reader is the among the newest types of crime. Protect your credit card and passport from electronic readers while keeping all of your valuables comfortably close by.

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Exploring cruise ports can be intimidating, like much foreign travel. While ports are typically safe, we constantly hear stories of passengers getting ripped off.

We’re ripe targets. Most people get off the ship with lots of money and no idea where to go or what to do. We wonder around without regard to the potential for theft.

Again, in most destinations, you’ll have no trouble. But, why risk it? This money belt is a great way to protect yourself against the worst case scenario.

Some of the many items you can securely hold in your money belt include the following.

  • cash
  • credit cards
  • driver’s license
  • passport
  • cruise sail card
  • smart phone

The above mentioned items, when lost or stolen, can ruin a vacation. Each is critical for enjoying the rest of your cruise. And, each is very easily lost or stolen without proper precaution.

With all of the excitement going on at port, it’s easy to misplace items. You might leave your smart phone on a tour bus. Maybe your sail card falls out of your pocket. Or, maybe a pickpocket swipes your passport. Avoid all of these headaches with one product. Don’t put yourself in that predicament.

The Alpha Keeper Money Belt has plenty of pockets (even one secret pocket) while also keeping a low profile. Your valuables will stay closely guarded and unseen by those around you. The comfortable accessory cannot be accessed without your awareness.

The Alpha Keeper also protects you from the newest type of crime.

RFID Theft – the New Threat & Solution

While technology lets us do pretty cool things, it also helps the thieves. One of the newest forms of crime is theft via RFID electronic readers.

Thieves are able to steal your passport or credit card info without ever touching either. They need only to get close enough to you. The electronic readers they’re using pulls this data right from your pockets.

The Solution Рthis money belt. It comes equipped with RFID protection. The product is made of a very specific material to block these malicious attempts.

The last thing you want is to return home to find that someone has racked up thousands of dollars in charges on your credit card. This is done every day to those that aren’t protected!

Specification: Money Belt for Passport, Credit Cards & More (with RFID Sleeves)



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