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Extendable Selfie Stick with Bluetooth by Orbit Pro

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This is the most high quality, compact, selfie stick out there. It comes equipped with bluetooth and battery and is very simple to set up. You’ll get great shots of you and friends while on the ship, at port, or wherever!

$24.99 (as of February 21, 2018, 12:32 pm) $9.99

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Admit it, you thought these were so dumb when you first saw them… but, now you kind of want one.

Think about how many times you’ve tried to take a good selfie photo. Now, think about how many times it came out good. I bet the first number and the second number aren’t the same. It’s really tough to take a good selfie. As humans, our arms are only so long. Not to mention the glare. Oh, and it’s really tough to hit the snap button while trying to maintain your “cool face.”

If you’re thinking that a selfie stick is too big and bulky to carry around, then think again. That was the selfie-sticks of old. 

This brand new model, by Orbit Pro, is more compact than ever.

When completely retracted, it’s only 7 inches in length! The head is adjustable and folds in to make it even more compact. You can easily slide this into your pocket, your portable lock box, or your travel beach chair!

The Orbit Pro is the best on the market. The smart device comes with a battery and bluetooth capability. It easily pairs to your device and allows you to take pictures with the handle, even when the device is fully extended. At full length, that’s roughly 30 inches! You can get a great shot of yourself or a group of friends from that height!

The head easily fits iPhone 7, iPhone 6, older iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S6, S5, and other Android devices.

BUY THIS SELFIE STICK & HELP A BLIND CHILD SEE AGAIN – Your purchase makes a big difference! Selfie World supports Sightsavers International, a registered charity (numbers 207544 & SC038110), devoted to saving & restoring sight in children and adults in developing countries.

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