Personal Travel Snooze Fan

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Enjoy four levels of comfortable breeze and soothing white noise. The Snooze Fan is a high-end model that won't let you down.

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WARNING:  you have NO control over the room temperature in your cruise cabin!

It’s not like a hotel, where you’re able to adjust a normal thermostat. Most cruises have staterooms which are regulated by a central unit.

As such, chances are you’ll either be too hot or too cold. For those that are too cold, you can add layers. For those too warm, well, you can only shed so many until you’re naked on top of your covers.

With this personal fan, you’ll have a nice breeze on you througout the night.

WARNING #2:  cruise cabins can get noisy!

You’re packed like sardines. Just think, your neighbors are probably less than 10 feet away from you throughout the night. Ok, maybe don’t think about that… it’s a little creepy. But, point being, you’ll likely hear others rummaging around (or whatever) at night.

Also, you have people walking through the halls, elevators, the nightclub, and a myriad of other noises seeping into your cabin.

To drown that out, some white noise is a great solution. With your portable fan, you’ll not only stay cool but enjoy the lulling sounds produced by this bedside model.

The Snooze Fan was out of stock for a while, but it’s available once again!

Your new travel fan comes equipped with four levels of breeze and white noise. Buttons are conveniently backlit with LED lights.

It has an energy efficient design and is powered by a standard plug.

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