Flowers and Butterflies Ceramic Travel Coffee Mug (17oz)

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This is the most attractive of our travel coffee mugs. Decorated with beautiful floral print and butterflies, this will also keep your coffee hot throughout your cruise!

This is one of our best cruise hacks if, like us, you’re a coffee person.

The coffee mugs on the ship are a joke. To get your caffeine fix, you’ll need to stand next to the machine for an hour. You’ll need to refill every time you’re done with that thimble-sized coffee mug they give you.

If you plan to use the cruise ship’s coffee mug, you can forget the idea of taking a coffee to go. By the time you get to your destination,  you’ll have half a cup left. The rest will have burned your hand as you spilled it heading up and down the stairs.

The cruise pros know to bring their own mug.

Here are some of the many reasoons to do so.

MORE COFFEE:  instead of the six-ounces they give you, you’ll walk away with almost 3x that. This model holds 17 ounces! This allows you to take your morning pick-me-up anywhere on the ship. Relax on your balcony, on the bow, or in the library. You won’t have to worry about making multiple trips to refill.

LESS SPILLAGE:  typical cruise coffee mugs are small, short, and have tiny little handles. Next time you’re on a cruise ship, notice how ugly the carpeting is. The reason – they need to mask all of the spilled coffee from passengers trying to transport their cup around the ship. The tight snap lid will allow you to take this anywhere you’d like.

LESS COOLAGE:  In a cruise coffee mug, your drink will stay hot for roughly 20 minutes. The last sip will likely be pretty frigid. With this coffee cup, your drink will stay hot for hours! The ceramic material plus the tight snap lid will assure your drink stays nice and hot.

This is one of those items that will serve as valuable long after your cruise. You’ll fall in love with it at sea and never use another coffee mug again once returning!

This model is dishwasher safe and comes with an attractive gift box.

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