Free Printable Cruise Ticket Template

Free Printable Cruise Ticket

We want to highlight one of our favorite new Cruise sites and, particularly, their awesome new Free Printable Cruise Ticket Template Tool. Thank you to the team at Gangwaze!

Your free printable cruise ticket is just a few clicks away. The widget below lets you customize your cruise ticket template and print it within minutes.

To see an example of your custom cruise ticket, scroll down past the widget for our showcase. Otherwise, use the widget below to start building your boarding pass.

To fill out your cruise ticket, you’ll need the following pieces.

Free Printable Cruise Ticket Template

Customize, Download & Print using the widget below!

Why do I need this printable cruise ticket?

Short answer… you don’t “need” this cruise ticket. If you try to use it to board your cruise, you’ll probably get some strange looks. And possibly some attention from Maritime Security Personnel.

So why did we take the time and effort to build this tool?

We’re cruise fans too. When we booked our first cruise, we expected a cruise ticket to show up in our mailbox. We had a spot on the refrigerator all cleared in preparation for its arrival.

That cruise ticket never came. Instead, we were emailed a boring text-based document… it didn’t make it to our refrigerator.

Over the years, our cruising community has expressed similar frustrations. They’ve told us that they want a pretty, printed cruise ticket to help build the anticipation. Here are some of the most common reasons our members want this.

If you user your free printable cruise tickets in an other interesting ways, please let us know!

June 11, 2019

Quick and easy gift ideas for friends, family or co-wokers! We are a company giving away a cruise and this is perfect idea for us to give away! Easy download after you enter the details of what you want and ready to print at the local prints or at home. Very happy with the quickness and quality! I expect we’ll use many times. Thank you very much!

Julie Vohreas

Cruise Ticket Templates

Examples by Cruise Line

Below, you’ll find an example of our cruise ticket templates by cruise line. Once you submit your custom info, your ticket will look like this below.

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