Cruise Cabin Hanging Organizer with Mesh Pockets


Perfect for organizer your cruise cabin. Our hanging organizer is very compact, hangs easily, and saves loads of space.

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Our Over-the-Door Hanging Organizer will transform your Cruise Cabin from a junkyard to an organized, pleasant sea-home.

If you’ve every cruised, you know that your stateroom is TINY. The average Interior Cabin is 140 Square Feet. That’s about the size of your living room. Imagine trying to fit a week’s worth of stuff in your living room.

The secret is to take advantage of “vertical space.” Rather than laying your things across every flat surface (there are very few), use our organizer to vertically coordinate your items.

Cruise Cabin Items to Organize

This space saving product is ideal for:

  • sun tan lotions
  • shoes & sandals
  • beauty products
  • wallets, purses, & documents
  • toys & baby items
  • sunglasses & hats
  • books & magazines
  • so much more

All of these items would typically end up on countertops, piled on top of each other. Not any more!

Compact for Easy Traveling

The Over the Door Hanging Organizer is very compact and lightweight, making travel simple.

Cruise Cabin Hanging Organizer Compact

It’s roughly the size of a folded shirt!


Very Simple Assembly

It assembles in seconds. Simply hang the three included hooks on the back of any cruise cabin door (or other). Then attach the hanging door organizer and start saving space. The hooks are high-quality, durable metal and made thin to hang on cruise cabin doors, closets, and all other normal doors.

Our 3-hook support provides much more stability and less sagging when compared to the cheaper, 2-hook models! And our breathable, mesh fabric stays much cleaner than the space saving hangers with vinyl pockets.


Can I also use the Organizer at Home?

Our over-the-door hanging organizer works brilliantly for your cruise cabin. But, customizers are finding they’re just as useful at home. Whether in your office, garage, kitchen or bedroom, you can keep using the organizer at home.

How do you know if the hooks will fit your home?

Do the “Quarter Test!” Our door hanging hooks are the exact thickness of a quarter. Place the coin on the top of your door and make sure it shuts. Also, be sure to check the front of the door (between the door jam & door front). If you can close the door with a quarter in there, you’ll be all set!


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