Cruise Cabin Night Light with Motion Sensor [Batter Operated]


Your new Motion Sensor Night Light is the answer to dark cruise cabins and the cure for stubbed toes and angry spouses.

You might ask, “why do I need a night light? Doesn’t my stateroom have a light?” Yes, your cabin has a light. Unfortunately, it toggles between two settings we like to call: “nothingness” and “Clark Griswold.” Without any illumination, you’re likely to step on your sea-urchin-souvenir from Cozumel or slip on that last slice of pepperoni from Sorrentino’s. If you ARE able to find the switch, we’d recommend using with caution… it’ll lead to retina shock for everyone in the room and a 30-minute period of insomnia while everyone’s pupils recover. Trust us, neither option is pleasant.

Instead, you’ll keep all of your toes (and your marriage) in tact with our Cruise Cabin Night Light. It’s very small and incredibly easy to set up. Simply place it on any flat surface or stick it to any wall (it has a magnetic base) in your cruise cabin. If you didn’t know, the walls are actually metal! The light rotates in any direction to easily point towards the bathroom, cruise cabin door, or to your stateroom floor.

Here are some of the features that make our travel night light so perfect for your cruise.

  • Magnetic base to attach to cruise cabin walls
  • Motion censored to illuminate with movement
  • Rotating light to point in any direction
  • Compact size for easy packing
  • Softer light to illuminate but not disturb sleep
  • Pretty cool looking

Once you’ve placed the night light where you’d like it, simply turn it to “Auto” and it’ll do the rest of the work. There’s no need to ever press any buttons… in fact, our light doesn’t even have an “on” button. It works only when dark and only when sensing movement!

This must-have cruise product is made and guaranteed by your favorite cruising accessory company, Cruise On!


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