201 Cruise Hacks Ebook


We’ve helped hundreds of readers save thousands of dollars and avoid many common mistakes on their cruise!

201 Cruise Hacks to make the most of your vacation

Cruises are very unique when compared to most types of travel. There are so many variables to consider. In this ultimate guide to cruising, you’ll find the best tips, tricks and hacks to save time, money and hassle.

Below are the chapters covered:

  1. Booking Hacks
  2. Packing
  3. What to Bring
  4. Flight, Hotel & Taxi
  5. Cabin Hacks
  6. Young kids on Cruise
  7. Save Money Onboard
  8. Cruise Wifi Hacks
  9. Drinking on a Budget
  10. Dining on board
  11. Port Tips
  12. Shore excursion tips
  13. Health and Weight Gain Cruise Tips
  14. Onboard Ship Hacks
  15. Sea Sickness Cruise Hacks
  16. Stay Secure

Our readers have saved hundreds (and some thousands) of dollars using the methods discussed in this book.

While some of these won’t apply to you, you’re bound to find many tips that will make this book well worth the very low cost to purchase.

Happy cruising!


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