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17 Best Cruise Shirts for Hardcore Cruising Fans

I Always wear funny cruise shirts when I sail. Last trip, I had on my “Muster Station: disrupting bar service since 1972” shirt on. It was Day 1 as I made my way to my emergency station. While climbing up the stairs, I had two fellow passengers and one cruise staff member comment on my shirt. And, countless others smiled as they passed me. During the drill, my next-door-muster-neighbor smirked when he read my funny cruise shirt. We got to talking and hung out five of the next seven nights.

Why do we love cruise shirts? Not just because they’re funny, inspiring, or sentimental. The main reason we buy and wear cruise t-shirts is for the attention. We’ve met countless friends by wearing ice-breaking cruise wear.

This is true both on and off the ship. While our success rate is much greater while aboard, we’ve made several friends wearing our cruise shirts around town. Just recently, I found out that my direct neighbor is a hardcore cruiser because he’d seen my cruise tee while I was walking around the block.

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Funny Cruise Shirts - Best Cruise Shirt Ideas

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Below we’ve included our absolute favorite cruise shirt ideas. Some will make you laugh aloud and others will make you start itching to book your next cruise. All are essentials for hardcore cruisers and make for great gifts for the cruising fan in your life.

20 Best Cruise Shirts on Amazon

Inspiring & Funny Cruise Shirt Ideas

Listed below you’ll find the most inspiring, nostalgic and funniest cruise t-shirts found anywhere online. Grab one in time for your next cruise or send one as a cruise gift to the cruising fanatic in your life.

Cruise Sunset - #17 Best Cruise Shirt

“Cruise Sunset” – #17 Best Cruise Shirt

“Caw caw”… while wearing your new favorite cruise shirt, you can almost hear the gulls passing overhead. This is a must have shirt for the ultimate cruising fan in your life.

Cruise Mode - #16 Best Cruise Shirt

Cruise Mode – #16 Best Cruise Shirt

Don’t ask me to make you breakfast. Don’t ask me to put down the toilet seat. Don’t ask me for help with the groceries. Do not ask me to finish my expense report by 4pm. Do not ask me if I paid the water bill. And don’t even think about asking me to do the dishes. Why? Because I’m in CRUISE MODE. Did you not see my shirt?

CRUISE ON - #15 Best Cruise Shirt

CRUISE ON – #15 Best Cruise Shirt

Picture this… you wake up at 6:30am to room service knocking on your cruise cabin door. You answer it and collect your hot coffee and a tropical fruit plate that smells like “vacation.” You slide open the balcony door to hear the sounds of waves and seagulls as you pull into port. It’s a bit chilly, so you grab your Cruise On t-shirt. You slip the comfortable, long-sleeve item over your head, sit down and have that first sip of coffee. You think to yourself… “wow, I love to cruise.”

Muster Drill - Interrupting Bar Service - #14 Best Cruise Shirt

Muster Drill – Interrupting Bar Service – #14 Best Cruise Shirt

Picture this… you’re taking your family for a well-needed cruise vacation. Halfway to the airport you realize you forgot your toothbrush. Then your flight is delayed. You sprint to catch your connection and trip over your daughters ladybug suitcase and sprain your shuffleboard wrist. You’re profusely sweating while squeezing into the middle seat between two linemen-looking gentlemen. Embarkation feels like Penn Station. You finally board, get settled and make your way up to the Lido Bar. Just as the bartender looks over, you hear the “bing bong” noise followed by instructions to report to your muster station. You need a shirt for that feeling. This is that shirt.

Bon Voyage - #13 Best Cruise Shirt

Bon Voyage – #13 Best Cruise Shirt

“Bon Voyage.” Say it… those words feel so good coming out of your mouth. The reason? They signify the very start of an amazing week. Every time we step foot on a cruise ship, we savor that feeling, when we have the entire week to look forward to. When the adventures are just beginning. When “work” is the last thing on our minds. We walk over to the side of the ship, look to the fading shore and bid, “bon voyage.”

Resting Beach Face - #12 Best Cruise Shirt

Resting Beach Face – #12 Best Cruise Shirt

An object at rest tends to stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. In our case, these outside forces include sun, sand, calypso music and margaritas. Those four factors produce our best face. That face deserves to rest. That face also deserves this funny cruise shirt. A wise man once said, “you must dress for success.” These are the steps that you need to succeed at vacation. 1) Get this shirt 2) Get your best face 3) Rest 4) Win.

I'm Salty - #11 Best Cruise Shirt

I’m Salty – #11 Best Cruise Shirt

Angry Sid the Sailor is a bit out of sorts. Why’s that you ask? Well, he works down by the wharf slinging sea-bass around all day. he watches the cruise ships come in and out of port. The passengers getting on and off the ship are are smiling from ear-to-ear and smell like coconut butter. Sid, however, has a pout from shoulder to shoulder and smells like a Red Lobster, dumpster-fire. This is your chance to give Sid the taste of the good life. Do the right thing… for Sid.

Boat Hair Don't Care - #10 Best Cruise Shirt

Boat Hair Don’t Care – #10 Best Cruise Shirt

We’re not out there to win beauty pageants. We cruise to breath in that salty air, let the sun do it’s thing, allow the ocean have its way, and to embrace our situations at the end of the afternoon. This funny T-shirt is for the cruiser that doesn’t give a ship about the messy situation she’s got up top. She’d rather kick back and relax and embrace the chaos.

Cruise Heartbeat - #9 Best Cruise Shirt

Cruise Heartbeat – #9 Best Cruise Shirt

Love cruising? This is a “must have” for the ultimate cruise fans out there. If you feel like cruising is truly a part of your life, show it off with this “Cruise Heartbeat” tee. On our last cruise vacation, we wore this shirt and could have sworn our heartbeats were in sync with the waves by week end. Click to find your Cruise Heartbeat Shirt for Men or Women on Amazon

Mermaids Love Mermosas - #8 Best Cruise Shirt

Mermaids Love Mermosas – #8 Best Cruise Shirt

Everyone knows that mermaids require mermosas. Legend has it, Ariel wouldn’t even come on stage unless she’d thrown back a couple. In an exclusive interview with Sebastian, he was quoted as saying: “before Ariel had her ‘special breakfast,’ she was virtually indistinguishable from Ursula. But, a few mermosas in and she was the kind, sweet Ariel that the public knows and loves.” She’s our spirit-fish and this t-shirt is in her honor.

Let's Get Ship Faced - #7 Best Cruise Shirt

Let’s Get Ship Faced – #7 Best Cruise Shirt

Your new “Let’s get shipfaced” funny cruise t-shirt lets others know you’re there for a good time. You’re almost guaranteed a drinking buddy within an hour of wearing this tee. Here’s how it’ll go down… you’ll be headed to the lido bar, feeling fly and whistling your favorite tune when you’ll hear a “hey… I love your shirt. Have you ever tried a shot of “dirty iguana?” Because I’m about to buy you one.” It’s fate… fate and your new, sweet t-shirt.

I am your Captain Now - #6 Best Cruise Shirt

I am your Captain Now – #6 Best Cruise Shirt

While it’s likely this cruise t-shirt won’t get you into the Bridge, it’ll for sure assert your domination over most other parts of the ship. When wearing this official Cruise On Tee, you’ll notice that your bartender serves colder ice, comedian tells funnier jokes, and piano-man hits higher notes. Even inanimate objects extend a greater level of respect… towel animals are fluffier, elevators show up quicker and ice sculptures melt slower. You are the captain now and this is your shirt.

No Cruise Control - #5 Best Cruise Shirt

No Cruise Control – #5 Best Cruise Shirt

Your therapist might tell you that it’s unhealthy… but, we’re not here to judge. Your lack of self-control (or “cruise control”) does not reflect poorly on you as a human, but rather quite fondly as an avid cruiser. We believe it shows “dedication” rather than a lack of restraint. We’re not here on this planet for a very long time, so let’s do what we love. Book that cruise and proudly wear your new favorite shirt. Let’s embrace our impulses and find the positive… in reality, it’s much better than an addiction to crack, right?

Thalassophile - #4 Best Cruise Shirt

Thalassophile – #4 Best Cruise Shirt

Hi, my name is Barbara and I’m a thalassophile. It’s been 12 weeks since my last cruise. In the mornings, I’ll wake up expecting the sounds of wave crashing. Instead, I hear the Turnpike. I call my bedroom my “cabin.” I tried to make a towel animal and it slightly resembles a jellyfish. My attempts at ice-carving leave puddles of disappointment. I keep waiting for my steward to clean said puddles, but he never shows up. I am not fit for normal society. I’ve created this t-shirt to let others know of my affliction. My name is Barbara and I am a thalassophile. Click to find your Men or Women Thalassophile Shirt on Amazon.

Cruise Sayings - #3 Best Cruise Shirt

Cruise Sayings – #3 Best Cruise Shirt

Close your eyes and think back to your last cruise vacation. Picture yourself on the top deck, breathing in the air and listening to the calypso music. “Caw caw…” woah, did you hear that seagull? *sniff… do you smell that cocoanut scent? Take a second to remember the things you loved best about that cruise. Now jot those down and look up at our cruise t-shirt. Are we mind readers? No, we’re cruisers. Find your Cruise Sayings Shirts for Men or Women here on Amazon.

Take me to your Lido - #2 Best Cruise Shirt

Take me to your Lido – #2 Best Cruise Shirt

One time, a cruise ship’s captain was preparing for launch. From his perch atop the bridge, he used his binoculars to survey the scene. As he was giving his ship one last look-over, he saw a man boarding in this shirt. So impressed was he, that the captain personally went down and escorted the gentleman to the Lido Bar. He even bought his first round. The captain and the man became best friends and even co-authored a novel together. The novel was bad but the friendship.. the friendship was oh so good.

I Love Cruising - #1 Best Cruise Shirt

I Love Cruising – #1 Best Cruise Shirt

I love to cruise, so I made this shirt. Then a few people said to me, “hey, where’d you get that shirt?” And I said, “I made it.” One guys replied, “I don’t believe you”… I didn’t bother arguing and left to get some pizza. But, the other two asked me to make one for them. So I did. They later asked me to make more to give to friends and family. That’s how our brand, “Cruise On” started. Once you get your shirt, you’re part of our small community of cruise lovers! We have a Facebook page and everything, so you know that we’re legit. Don’t tell too many people, though. We want to keep our secret club small for now! Once you buy yours, we’ll follow up with a video tutorial of the secret handshake.

We hope that you found your perfect cruise t-shirt and would love to know which above is your favorite. Please take a minute to leave a comment below with your favorite cruise tee. If you have or own a great cruise tee that we missed above, please also let us know!

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  1. I am trying to purchase 4 t-shirts, #3 style.
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    Can’t find the #3 style anywhere on Amazon.
    Where can I buy this shirt?

    1. Oops, sorry about that Rebecca. We had a bad link in there. That should be fixed. Please try that again and it should bring you to the correct cruise shirt. We’ll shoot you an email too just to be sure you get this. Sorry about that!

  2. Hi there. Love the shirts but I am looking for something very specific. You see I have breast cancer and just finished 4 months of chemo and a double mastectomy. Doc gave me the ok to cruise first week of Oct (which is also breast cancer awareness month). I start back on 6 more months of chemo after cruise. I am looking for something that incorporates fighting this beast and celebrating with my friends. Or even something catchy for BC awareness. My brain is fried. Maybe someone on your team can think of something cute. Thanks.

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