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15 Genius Travel Essentials in a Covid 19 World

Below you’ll find the travel essentials for a Covid 19 world. Coronavirus completely changed our society and economy. Flights are grounded. Ships are docked. Trains are stationed. As we slowly open up our transportation channels, it’s crucial that we take every precaution to stay safe and healthy. Our Travel Essentials will help to do exactly that.

We’ve asked our community of avid travelers for their recommended, “must have” travel essentials in this crazy Covid 19 world. We received some genius products used to potentially reduce the risk of Coronavirus. We’re truly amazed at the level of ingenuity and want to share these travel items with our community.

The list below is a compilation of the most brilliant travel essentials we’ve found. All can be purchased on Amazon so hopefully delivered in plenty of time for your next trip!

15 Genius Travel Essentials

for traveling in a Covid 19 world

Travel Essentials Covid Items - Dispenser Bottle

4 in 1 Travel Liquid Dispenser

If you’re like us, you’ve probably noticed that lately your hands have a texture similar to that of a longshoreman. “Covid hands” aren’t fun for anyone. In a world of coronavirus, we’ve been sanitizing and scrubbing with anti-bacterial soap constantly. The cheap soaps and harsh sanitizer take their toll. With this 4 in 1 travel dispenser, you can have lotion at the ready. Also load it up with your favorite moisturizing soap and sanitizer. That’ll leave you one empty container. We recommend either doubling-down on sanitizer or use for tequila, also essential for travel jitters in a post Covid 19 world.

Travel Essentials Covid 19 Items - Keychain Bottles

Liquid Travel Essentials Kit

The item above is great to keep in the car or a larger bag. If you want your liquids even more accessible, these are a must have for your travel packing list. With these airport-friendly travel bottles, you can clip almost anywhere for super convenient liquid access. Clip some hand sanitizer to the outside of your purse to remind you to apply. Or, attach one to your baby bag for a gentle reminder. These also solve the issue of “no pockets.”

Travel Essentials Covid 19 Items - Keychain Tool

No Touch Keychain Tool

This is in our “Top 3” travel essentials! So clever. Traveling involves a LOT of “touching.” Touching results in a lot of “spreading.” Eliminate spreading by eliminating contact. This “No Touch Keychain Tool” is perfect for creating that distance between you and the door, ATM, elevator, etc. Make sure it has a curved hook to open doors and a fob-like tip so easily used on touch screens. The tool attaches to any keyring so it’ll be there whenever you need. Although not advertised, it can probably serve as a weapon as well for poking anyone that invades your six-foot bubble. 

Travel Essentials Covid Items - Sanitizer Bottles with Lanyard

Travel Lanyards with Sanitizer Bottles

Did someone say, “no pockets?” With these is no prob! They compliment the above items perfectly. Attach your hand sanitizer, no-touch tool, money or other essentials directly to your chest. They’ll be there and easy to access whenever you need them. To get even more nerded out, attach your no-touch tool to a retractable lanyard for go-go-gadget button-pushing as your traveling requires.

Travel Items Coronavirus Packing List - UVC Box

UVC Sanitizer Box

How can a box with a light help to avoid Covid 19 or other virus? We wondered the same. UVC light is actually on the forefront as a legitimate tool to avoid coronavirus. It’s been used in hospitals for decades. Ultraviolet light (UVC in particular) is proven to break down the DNA of bacteria and render these harmless in transmitting disease. According to the NY Times, “the UV part of its spectrum is particularly effective at knocking out airborne pathogens.” And per the EPA, “UV disinfection is effective at inactivating most viruses, spores, and cysts.” In just under 10 minutes, this little box can sterilize 99.9% of bacteria found on your keys, money, jewelry, phone, or anything else that fits.

Travel Items Coronavirus Packing List - UVC Wand

UVC Sterilizer Wand

Like the device above, this UVC Light Wand can quickly kill surface bacteria. The compact device fits in any pocket and opens up to shine the magical ultraviolet rays onto any nearby surface. Use this while traveling to sterilize straws, utensils, money, phone, computer keyboard, or other. Just don’t point it directly toward your skin! It can cause irritation according to the CDC. Add this to your travel essentials packing list to go around sanitizing like Obi-Wan.

Travel Packing List Covid Items - Snack Bags

Travel Snack Bags

You know us fat kids had to include a “food” item onto our anti Covid travel essentials packing list. We love to eat. Unfortunately we’re no longer able to visit every snack shop and food cart in our path. So how can we make on-the-go eating risk free during these scary times? These snack bags are a must. Pre-pack your travel meals and snacks and forget about the risks of purchasing from 3rd party vendors. 

Travel Packing List Covid Items - Sanitizing Wipes

Sanitizer Wipes

Sanitizing wipes are an obvious addition to your travel essentials packing list. We’re bound to drop our phone at least twice every time we leave our home. A quick wipey and we’re back to instagramming. These are also critical in our pre-take-off sanitation process. Every armrest nook and cranny can be licked once we’ve stored our Sani wipes into the overhead compartment.

Travel Essentials Covid Items - Water Bottle

Travel Water Bottle

Hydration is key! While this probably isn’t backed by science, we’re convinced that a hydrated body is less susceptible to virus. That may or may not be true. We’re confident, however, that Fauci would support (on record) less trips to the water fountain. We go from security straight to the water fountain. After topping off, our sanitizing wipes assure us our travel water bottle is germ free. We find that a 20 ounce bottle is the perfect balance between capacity and carrying weight. 

Travel Essentials Covid Items - Device Charger

Portable Device Charger

We loved to make friends at the charging stations during the pre coronavirus period. We’d chat it up with some fellow gadget-lovers while waiting for some juice. Those days are sadly gone. Now we find a quiet corner of the airport and charge up for a Netflix binge like the nomadic recluse we’ve become. While these portable chargers are priceless to travelers, they’ve become super cheap on Amazon.

Travel Essentials Covid Items - Face Masks

Fun Face Masks

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. We’ve found it difficult to have any soulful interactions as of late. The sea of faceless faces is depressing. It also serves as a great opportunity to stand out. Add a little personality to your face masks and you’ll be amazed at the reactions you get. You can even sense a smile under a passerby’s N95 mask if you look hard enough. You’ll also brighten up the day of that bored gate attendant. Click below for our favorite collection of entertaining face masks.

Travel Items Coronavirus Packing List - Travel Thermometer

Travel Thermometer

It’s probably best to wait until you’re in your hotel room or airport bathroom to do a quick temperature check. It might freak out your fellow travelers to do so at your airport gate. We go by the motto, “better safe than sorry” and therefore include this on our travel essentials list. It’ll be there to calm your fears and to assure you that your last sneeze was pepper-related and not your vacation cut short.

Travel Essentials Coronavirus Packing List - Vitamin D

Vitamin D

This may get a few eye rolls from medical professionals. We’ll risk it. It’s too early to tell if Vitamin D is a proven deterrent to coronavirus itself or aids in combatting the effects of Covid 19. We’ve never been very good at parsing out “causation and correlation.” We do like to err on the side of caution, however. And this direct quote from WebMD is enough for us to spend a few bucks on Amazon in hopes that it helps to mitigate risk. “Several groups of researchers from different countries have found that the sickest patients often have the lowest levels of vitamin D.” Just note that the daily limit is 4,000 IU’s for an adult. We pop a couple of the 2,000 IU pills per day when traveling.

Travel Packing List Coronavirus Items - Travel Pen

Keychain Pen

Often while flying, cruising, backpacking, or other adventures, you’ll need something to write with. You’ll be constantly filling out forms and signing receipts. Each signature is another toss of the Covid dice. This travel pen attaches to your keychain (or lanyard – see above) for quick access wherever you are. 

Travel Essentials Coronavirus Items - Travel Insurance

Cruise Insurance

We used to toss the dice as relatively young, relatively healthy set of travelers. To date we have no regrets on that strategy. Those days are over. We now protect all future travel plans by booking insurance. It’ll typically cost between 5 and 10% of your travel costs. While this isn’t peanuts, we now feel forced to add it as a necessary budget item. Make sure that your coverage includes risk prevention for illness. Our favorite source for travel insurance is InsureMyTrip. It lets you compare all of the major providers in one quick search. Click below for a free quote.

We hope that you find some value from our Covid 19 Travel Essentials Packing List above. If planning a cruise, be sure to check out our cruise accessories packing list. There you’ll find some more fun items to add to the list!

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As always, please use the share buttons below to help us get the word out to your favorite nomadic community. We wish our community safe and healthy travels in the post Covid world!

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