10 Most Purchased Cruise Accessories on Amazon

Amazon Cruise Accessories

You’ll find tons of cruise accessories out there, from key card lanyards to selfie sticks. Many are bogus. But a handful of items can truly improve your vacation and should be included on your cruise essentials list.

We have our own opinions on which cruise products are the most helpful. For this post, however, we’ll rely on Amazon’s sophisticated platform to show us these “must have” cruise products.

Below you’ll find the Top 10 Cruise Accessories on Amazon.


Full Face Snorkel

Cruise Accessories - Full Face Snorkel

It took 100 years to put wheels on a suitcase. Now, every suitcase has wheels. It took another couple decades to update the original snorkel. The full face snorkel will soon be the standard. People don’t naturally breathe from their mouths. So why do it underwater?

In addition to breathing more, you’ll also be able to see more. The 180 degree mask offers a much wider view than the old-school, suction device. AND, you won’t be be sucking on plastic and chewing a decrepit mouthpiece.
Amazon Button - Full Face Snorkel

“These masks are awesome!! We just used them the last few days here in Cozumel, MX. I was kind of worried about the quality because they were so inexpensive compared to other brands. Nope! No worries! It did take a few tries to adjust it correctly and get it in the correct place on our faces. But, once fitted properly, they are fantastic! You will look like a Snork but it’s worth it!”
Jodi B.Jodi B.



Beach / Poolside Safe

Cruise Accessories - Safego Safe

We’ve been there before. You’re poolside on the Lido deck and the sun is blazing. You need a quick dip in the pool, but your hubby isn’t around to watch your stuff. Do you leave your wallet, iPhone, kindle, and other valuables in your shoe? That could potentially ruin your vacation.

Instead, lock your stuff securely in your travel safe. You can latch it to your pool or beach chair and take that long-awaited dip. Dunk underwater for as long as you’d like, knowing your valuables are protected.

It doubles as extra protection in your cruise cabin. Use this instead of your cruise cabin safe and you’ll be assured you’re the only one with access to your goodies. The peace of mind this provides makes it one of the most popular cruise accessories on Amazon!

Amazon Button - Travel Safe

“We purchased this box safe to take on a cruise to lock our personal belongings in while in the ocean. It worked great! We were able to lock it to the lounge chairs and feel safe playing in the ocean without someone taking our cash and phones. It is large enough to hold multiple devices at a time. Great purchase!”



Cruise Luggage Tags

Cruise Accessories - Luggage Tags

Use Cruise Luggage Tags to assure your bags show up to your cruise cabin. After booking, the cruise line will send you an “etag.” You’ll be required to print this out and attach it to your luggage. Instructions suggest using a stapler to affix your etag. We say, why leave it to chance?

Your waterproof, heavy-duty luggage tags will guarantee safe arrival of your stuff. Don’t be the guy shopping at the cruise gift store for your week’s worth of clothes. Give your etags a reliable, comfortable home with these popular tag holders.

Amazon Button - Cruise Luggage Tags

“Thrilled with these sturdy tags. Plastic is a good weight, and it is very durable. So much more happier using these than trying to tape or staple the paper tag to my luggage. It gives me piece of mind, and that is a treasure.”



Collapsible Travel Tote Bag

Collapsible Travel Tote Bag


Your Collapsible Tote Bag is the one travel necessity that you don’t realize that you need until you sail. You’ll be coming and going from your Cruise Cabin throughout the day. Whether heading to the pool, buffet, game-room, or exploring your cruise ports, you’ll to have stuff you’ll need! Easily carry towels, hats, glasses, phones, water, snacks, wallets, and more.

Typically, travel tote bags are bulky and expensive. Luggage space will be extremely limited and the last thing you’ll want is a big bag taking up a valuable section of your cruise cabin. This transportable tote bag collapses to easily fit in your purse or pocket. Once unfolded, it fits everything that you’ll need no matter where you are on or off the ship.

Other common uses for cruisers: pool-side tote; laundry bag for your cruise cabin; shopping bag for port purchases; beach bag for towels, water, lotions, etc. The versatility, flexible, convenience and low price make this one of the most purchased cruise accessories on Amazon. Use the button below to get yours asap.

Amazon Button - Travel Tote Bag

“When I bought this, I had no idea how much I’d rely on it throughout my cruise. We literally used it every day of the cruise. It came in most helpful at port with all of our snacks and beach stuff. Would recommend to anyone with a cruise.”
S. ColeS. Cole




Cruise Cabin Power Strip

Cruise Accessories - Travel Power Outlet

In this day and age of iphones, itoothbrushers, ithis and ithat, extra outlets are a MUST. Most cruise cabins will offer one main outlet. That’s only two plugs at a time. If you’re like us, that’s about three too few.

This is a convenient solution. It won’t take up much space in your luggage and will offer an extra three normal outlets and two USB plugs. It’s also great for traveling through airports. While there’s a big line to use the limited kiosk, you can roll up and be the hero with this device!

Amazon Button - Cabin Outlet

“Most cruise ship outlets are in quirky places and cannot accommodate more than 2 devices charging at any time. And with most of today’s electronics needing USB ports to charge, this travel size power block is exactly what’s needed.”
Duke JacksonDuke Jackson




Cruise Hacks Ebook

Cruise Accessories - Cruise Hacks eBook

Cruising is a very complicated type of vacation. There’s a hundred decisions you have to make along the way, including: when to book, cabin choice, ship placement, what to bring, how much to spend, and much more.

The Cruise Hacks Ebook is the best source for tips, tricks and advice to make the most of your vacation. It’s the most popular cruising ebook on Amazon and one of our favorite Cruise Accessories. There are a couple pieces of advice that saved us hundreds on our last sailing.

Amazon Button - Cruise Hacks eBook

“Doesn’t matter if you’ve cruised 100 times – guaranteed you’ll find a nugget of new info you can use on your next cruise. This is the comprehensive cruiser’s bible! Everything from timing your booking for max discounts to packing with a purpose, this guide has it. Thanks for putting this together!”




Cruise Cabin Hanging Organizer

Cruise Accessories - Cruise Cabin Hanging Organizer

Your sea-home will be smaller than a Kardashian closet. You and your shipmate will be sharing 100 square feet with minimal storage and limited closet space. That’s why this is one of our favorite cruise accessories.

The key is to use vertical space to your advantage. With your hanging organizer, you’ll have 15 pockets of vertical storage for lotions, bathings suits, sandals, hats and more. It assembles easily over-the-door and will help keep your sanity during your vacation.

Amazon Button - Hanging Organizer

“I bought this organizer for a cruise and was thrilled with it! 3 girls sharing one cabin made this gem a real necessity. The organizer was well made and arrived on time! Would definitely buy it again!”




Waterproof Phone Case

Cruise Accessories - Waterproof Phone Case

Not much can ruin a cruise. A broken iPhone is an exception. Between the pools, hot tubs, and ocean waters, there’s plenty of opportunity. This cruise accessory is the cheapest insurance policy you’ll find.

Not only will it protect your phone, it’ll let you capture amazing footage. Capture your kids dunking in the pool. Or, record the tropical mantarays glide by your submerged toes.

Amazon Button - Waterproof Phone Case

“This case made our trip to Belize ten times better because we were able to show friends what we did instead of just telling them about it. I would be careful but I was able to take mine down about 35 feet under water and my phone is still in perfect condition!”




Packing Cubes

Cruise Accessories - Travel Packing Cubes

This is a cruise necessity for the organized cruisers out there. Your luggage will be more like a work of art, with each set of clothing occupying its own  home. Your socks, undies, jeans, shirts, etc all coordinated in their own packing cube.

Unpacking has never been easier. Take each cube out and place it in your drawer. Once soiled, drop that item in the included laundry sack. While the packing cubes weren’t made specifically for cruise travel, they should have been!

Amazon Button - Packing Cubes

“The real benefit was that my clothes didn’t wrinkle at all while packed in the cubes. Even one of my companions asked me how I kept my shirts so crisp. These things hold a ton, made packing a breeze, and allowed me to go the entire time without once steaming or ironing a thing. I’m completely converted.”
James F.James F.




Cruise Lanyard

Cruise Accessories - Lanyard

This is the most popular of all cruise accessories on Amazon. Cruise Lanyards offer the most convenient way to store your cruise key card and other valuables. The waterproof pouch assures that your money, cards, and other documents are protected.

If you’ve ever lost your cruise key, you know what a pain it is to get another. And, losing it in port can truly lead to a nightmare. Don’t let it happen to you. Grab this inexpensive, cruise necessity and you’ll never lose your stuff while onboard again.

Amazon Button - Cruise Lanyard

Just right for our upcoming cruise. Holds the cruise card and any other important items (like a drivers’ license) hands-free style. It’s just the right length and without the card holder it is a great lanyard for other events.



Above, you’ll find the most popular cruise accessories on Amazon. If you found these helpful, make sure to check out our piece, Cruise Cabin Essentials – 9 items to Cruise in Comfort.

cruise cabin accessories main


If you decide to purchase any of these items, let us know in the comments below. And if you have a favorite cruise accessory that you don’t see included, please let us know that as well!

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  1. Mesh bag with hanger, for your accessories in a cramped shower.
    Magnetic hooks for the metal walls.
    Slipper socks for cabin use.
    Small sewing kit

  2. Princess Cruises will not allow any devices with surge protection. Since the Belkin with extra plugs has surge protection I am concerned it violates the ship policy.

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